Zempire Monstamat Camp Mat
Zempire Monstamat Camp Mat

– (*Everybody’s just trying* ) G’day guys, Ben from Snowys’
here taking a quick look at the Zempire Monstamat. Now Zempire Monstamat is
a self-inflating mattress, it’s a great budget option in respects that it doesn’t come with the price tag that some of
the high-end one’s have got. But they’re really great
quality, lots of really good features, which we’ll cover today. Now they come obviously by
the double and a single. Now when packed down your
single mattress it sits about 70 long by 20 by 20 and
it weighs about 3.1 kilos. Now the double which
weighs 6.2 kilos is about 65 by 30 by 30. Now if we get these opened up we’ll inflate them and
see what they look like when they’re operational. So first you want to
get it out of the bag. So these come with these
Velcro straps which I’ll just undo now and take them off. – (fabric rustling) Alright, now I’m just
gonna get the double out of the way and let’s roll this one out. – (fabric rustling) Obviously there’s the top
end here. Now on the bottom end of this one, you’ll see
here that you’ve got the valve to open that one up. Now you see here that this
valve actually can twist around, so at the moment
it’s set to deflate only. No air can come in, it
can only push air out. You can push it around
till it’s open, and you can push it right here, this
is inflate only so no air’s gonna escape, it’s all gonna come in. So you sit that like that.
This one’s fresh out of the factory, so it’s gonna
take a little bit longer than normal to inflate, we
recommend normally leaving it for about 24 hours the
first time you get it out of it’s box. But normally,
10-15 minutes it will be fully inflated so
we’re gonna let this one start to pump up a little
bit and get it inflated. Whilst we’re waiting for it to inflate have a bit of a talk
about some of the features of this mattress. Now the
top of this one it’s a 40 Denier Super Stretch
Ripstop top so it’s super strong, not gonna
rip or stretch a bit as you move your body around as
well. The base of it, it’s a 150 Denier Poly Oxford
TPU base, so quite strong not gonna rip on the harsh tent floor. The fibre inside, it’s a
Cross Cored Open Cell Foam and also anti-bacterial.
So as you can see here we’re pretty much fully
inflated but if you wanted to give it a couple of
breaths extra, now often a lot of these ones put a
little bit hesitant about putting breath into it
because their breath will make it go pretty yuck
inside, but not the case for the Zempire Monstamat.
So you can give it just a couple of breaths if you want to. – (breathing) Alright, so that’s all fully inflated now. So now that it’s fully
inflated, it sits at around 198 centimetres long, it’s
about 68 centimetres wide and it’s about 10
centimetres thick as well so it’s quite a nice, thick mattress. Now this one here, we’ve
probably over-inflated a bit it’s really quite firm,
but you can adjust it as you want, so it’s probably
worth learning as well, the Monstamat, both
the twin and the single they come with a 9.5 R-Value. Now R-Value is basically the warmth,
the temperature rating of your mattress and 9.5
is on par with the really high-end alternatives to
this, you know the real pricey ones. So it really
is quite a good quality mat when it comes to your R-Value as well. Now, having said that
that’s pretty much all the features of this one, we’re
gonna pack it away now. Once we set up the single,
we’ll pack away the double While this has been going
almost been filming this I’ve been inflating the
double off to the side so we’ll move the single
out of the way, I’ll bring the double in , alright. So when fully inflated like
this, your twin, it sits about 201 centimetres long,
it’s about 138 centimetres across as well so it’s a really
good sized twin mattress, can easily fit yourself
and your partner on, maybe squeeze a kid in
between you as well. Now packing these up, it
really is just the reverse of the setup process. So
you got your valve which I showed you before, which
you have inflate only it’s also got a deflate
only option as well. So pull it around, so you
flip it around and you hear the air coming out already,
flip it, pop it in place now it’s in deflate only so
no air’s gonna get back in It’s all about pushing the air out. Now with this one, it
really is a point of just pushing as much air out
of it as possible before you roll it up, it’s
gonna make rolling up a heck of a lot easier. So
what I would normally do is I’d just sort of with
one arm just fold it over You can hear all the air escaping now So then what we’re gonna do
is you sort of pull it over You’re pushing as much air out as possible Then the fold – (fabric rustling) So like I said before,
when it’s on deflate only, no air is gonna get back
in, so give yourself a rest you can line everything
up, now we’ve probably got probably enough air out of it to start rolling it. So you want to
make sure it’s folded nicely in half, with the single
you don’t have to worry about folding it, you just simply roll. Once you’ve got all the
air out and you’re actually ready to roll it up
properly and put it away, make sure you got your straps handy. Now this is a lot easier
, the more air you got out the easier it is to roll.
If you’ve anything left in, it makes it really hard
and doesn’t roll up well. So let’s roll it up from
here, now your mattress is probably gonna try and
come apart a little bit as you go, just try and
hold that all in place – (fabric rustling) Remembering that when you are rolling it, you want to roll towards
the valve so you’re pushing any last bits of
air out of the mattress you’re not actually locking
it all inside the middle – (fabric rustling) Alright, get that last little
bit of air out of there and we’ll seal that one
up. Aright now we’re grabbing our straps, start
with those, we’ll start with this end here first,
start tucking it under Now I’ve not rolled this
super well, but it’s gonna be a bit of a
testament to how well this packs away by the fact that
I should be able to get it comfortably packed away
despite the fact it’s not rolled very well. So our
second strap comes on now, make sure it’s nice and
straight, nice and tight Alright this is good to
go back in the bag now. Now, it’s worth noting
that obviously like I said before, we got this
straight out of the factory boxing so it a fair bit
smaller than what it is now, but even though it
is a bit bigger is in fact and not quite as small,
it still fits quite comfortably inside the bag. So pulls over like that, plenty of room inside, let’s get it past the valve – (fabric rustling) There we go, it’s got a drawstring on top so you can pull it tight when I find it, there it is – (fabric rustling) Alright, there we go. So that’s pretty much
it when it comes to the Zempire Monstamat, I
said before it’s a really great budget option in
comparison to some of the more expensive
self-inflating mats out there and it’s quality is on par with those. It comes in both the single and a double, it’s great for families,
great for people that are travelling, out camping,
want to be nice and warm and be comfortable as well. If you want to find some more information, check out our website
snowys.com.eu with fast, free delivery to most of Australia Till next time, happy camping. – (reggae music)

8 thoughts on “Zempire Monstamat Camp Mat”

  1. j smith says:

    Looks like a struggle to put it back in

  2. Anton Baggerman says:

    How well do the singles combine into a double like the Exped Megamats do?

  3. quedecree says:

    I've been really impressed with mine – after offering the megamat to the better half :). I particularly like the way it inflates fully and fast and I don't feel the need to adjust the amount of air once inflated. It's a little heavier and a little smaller than my megamat but every bit as comfy for a whole lot less $$$. It's as comfortable a mattress as I've ever slept on. And a bargain. Thanks Snowys. Can I talk you into stocking some good canvas Bell tents?

  4. Daniel Gauci says:

    FYI twin is actually 132cm long, not 138cm. Thanks.

  5. NopRob4Rob says:

    I have a couple of older Katmandu self inflating mats. The instructions say to store them inflated, out flat. I kept them rolled up to save space but they developed holes near the valve and repair kits are pretty useless. Do the instructions say it's okay to store the Monstamat folded up or better stored laying out flat?

  6. iamatallmidget says:

    How’s this one compare to the expad megamat?

  7. Michael Lovell says:

    How does this work with fat people. 165kg

  8. boombah54 says:

    30cm x 30cm its round not square so why not say 30cm diameter must be something they put in your drinking water cheers

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